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Nice article that will really help those people who are considering joining the Blogosphere. It is estimated that worldwide over 170,000 Blogs are started in an average day – and the established Old Media are trying very hard to lock out newcomers with their well-stocked / fancy presentation / daily updated websites. But it can be fun – and it’s good to feel that you are a participant and not just a ‘reader’ or ‘consumer’.


I was delighted to encounter 73 year old Eva Offenbeck this morning in my weekly trawl through the German language magazine Der Spiegel. My German is beyond execrable but I take ‘Platz drei ging an Eva Offenbeck (73) aus München’ to mean that Munich resident Eva was placed third in the "Miss 50-plus Germany 2015" Beauty Pageant.


I was enormously relieved to learn that Andrew Little had been elected Leader of the NZ Labour Party. Every democracy needs, above all, an effective Opposition and I believe that there is a fair chance that Andrew will be able to deliver that – and that given good will from his colleagues and further accumulation of hubris among John Key’s over-confident, born-to-rule top-notch Tory cabal, Labour will form the bedrock of a replacement government in 2017.


In yet another Sex Scandal Exposé involving an ageing celebrity, a Senior NZ Diplomat has been accused by Feminists of inappropriate behavior and sexism, during a visit to a needlework demonstration by women at one of the branches of Uganda’s Handicraft Development Scheme in 2005.

Monty, Mabel and Willy

The wind was keening on the ice,

Billowing with all his might:

He did his very best to make

The snow drifts fluffed and light--

And to make things crisp and nice

Plumped ice sheets for the Penguins’ sake.

The sea was rime as rhyme could be,

The rocks were smooth as smooth

As Monty preened a tap-dance

To let prospective lovers see

Groovy slippery flipper moves

Over easy egg without mischance.


If I am from the analogue rather than the digital era, at least I aspire to being ‘analogous’ that is ‘comparable in certain respects, typically in a way which makes clearer the nature of the things compared’. But I also recognize that I will have to fight for relevance on the Web, in order to resist being classed as simply anachronistic or ‘chronologically misplaced’.


I will really miss my personal training sessions in the gym with Maria – she is off to Canada. Men are simple creatures and they will delude themselves that a woman likes them if she compliments them on their cooking or laughs at their jokes.

Alfie and Gracinda (2014)

3 weeks - Drama/Romance/NZ Politics - 18 November 2014 (NZ)


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Ratings: -2/10 from 5,143 users   Metascore: -15/100

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Tragic NZ Lesbian Love Triangle between erratic stock truck driver Alfie [played by Ralph Fiennes]; misfit, outcast but ‘soul of an angel’ aspiring politician Grant [played by Cate Blanchett]; and Jacinda a teen-ag

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